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Super Heavy Duty Smith Machine (Squat Rack)

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Say hello to this super heavy duty Smith machine squat rack. It is a body building equipment used for weight training. It's used with a barbell that is fixed within steel rails allowing only vertical or near-vertical movement.

The Smith machine can be used for so many different exercises, that you will be able to do a full body workout using the machine alone!

With an adjustable bench, you will be able to perform any of the following exercises using the Smith machine:

Bench Press,
Incline Bench Press,
Decline Bench Press (with adjustable or decline bench),
Military Press,
Behind the Neck Press,

Material: Steel tube

Product size: 2.3*1.6*2.4m
Tray size 2.4*1.6*0.55m
Net weight 160kg, gross weight 180kg

*Comes with attached olympic bar & clip (Without olympic weight plates)

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