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Outdoor Water-Resistant Table Tennis

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Brand new standard outdoor waterproof table tennis (Ping-Pong) tables. This table can stay under the rain, sun, snow; it can withstand all weather conditions without any effect. They are made up of two separate boards with rollers for easy movement. They are foldable, moveable, and do come with all accessories, including balls, bat, net, and post.
Here are some health benefits of table tennis:

It improves hand-eye coordination, stimulates mental alertness and focus. It also helps one develop mental acuity.

It helps to improve reflexes and muscle development. As well as, your leg and arm strength without over-stressing your joints.

It's a fun and entertaining way to burn some calories.

It aids socialization. You can play it at home, school, leisure centres, hotels, gyms. So it's easy to interact with people and make new friends.

It helps to sharpen your brain sharp. A study showed an increase in motor skills and cognitive awareness as a result of playing table tennis.

Delivery in Lagos, and delivery to other states like Abuja, PH, Owerri, Uyo, Kano, Kaduna, Minna, Enugu, Delta, Anambra, etc.


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