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Nashua Power Rack (Squat Rack)

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Barbell not included

Brand new Squat Rack for power lifting. Suitable for building body muscles: arm, leg, thigh, abdomen, etc. This squat rack machine offers squat strength training workout for the body.

Some exercises that you can perform with this Power rack include:

  • Squats
  • Military presses
  • Deadlifts
  • Bent over rows


  • Heavy duty steel tubing provides sturdy safety
  • Bar catches distribute weight evenly on upright
  • Easy adjustment of catches and spotters
  • Optional attachments lat/low row, dips and UB
  • Suitable for all types of barbell exercises
  • Comes with Chin Up Bar for added versatility

The Nashua Fitness NS-082A Power Rack is made of high quality grade steel and adjustable J-hooks. With the multi-grip pull up bar you can customize your workout regimen.

It comes with Spotter arms to ensure your safety while you lift heavy weights.

This rack was constructed for durability and stability. In order words, the Nashua Fitness Power Rack is for some serious bodybuilding.


Colour: Grey

Weight: GW/NW 56/52.1KG

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