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Leg Press Machine (and Hack Squat Combo)

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With this sturdy Leg Press, it's a Leg Day everyday.


  • Designed for Leg Press, Hack Squat and Calf Raise    
  • Heavy duty construction for exceptional stability    
  • Frictionless 8 needle bearing wheels to position the carriage's 4 sides, to ensure smooth moving and distribute weight evenly
  • Both back pads utilize a flip-and-lock mechanism, easily converts from Leg Press to Hack Squat and Calf Raise.    
  • Both heavy gauge diamond plate foot platform is adjustable to multiple angles.    
  • Back pads contoured for lumber support.    
  • Under carriage plate load system capacity 400 KGS    
  • High quality dark and silver grey two color tone metallic powder coating



  • Main Tube Size: 50*50*2.0(mm)
    Assembly Size: 233*88*141(cm)
    Material: Steel
    G.W./N.W.: 145kgs/128kgs
    Packing: 1set/3cartons
    Color: Black and Grey

PS: Olympic weight plate not included