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Commercial Five Station Multi-Gym

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Brand new one station home gym for body building. Suitable for building body muscles: arm, leg, thigh, abdomen, etc. This home gym offers a complete strength building workout for the entire body.

Comes with a weight stack of up to 150kg or 200kg

Multi Station Gym WT-H65A
Main frame size: Square 50×70×2.0mm
Weight plate: Cement 300 LBS or Iron 400LBS
Assembly Size: (L,W,H)2400×2250×2150mm
High density upholstered seat & back cushion,average thickness 60mm
High intensity navigating durable wire steel with 6mm diameter


Carton size:

A 2145×600×215mm
B 1105×1030×235mm
C 390×190×360mm
D 390×190×360mm
E 390×190×360mm
F 390×190×360mm

Carton weight: G.W: 320kg N.W: 305kg


Want to have your own gym at home but do not have enough space for bulky fitness equipment?

The right solution for you is this 5 station home gym equipment, which is fitness equipment that allows you to perform many types of exercises.

Multi station home gym equipment is designed for those who do not have enough space at home to store equipment a number of fitness equipment like treadmill, bikes, weight lifting equipment and elliptical trainers. With this machine, you can perform different types of exercise or routines that focus on different areas of your body. You can tighten up your hip muscles, flatten your belly, loose those bingo wings, or strengthen up your chest muscles without having to buy and store a number of bulky fitness equipment.

Another thing about this type of equipment is that it allows two or more people to use the equipment at the same time. Thus, this type of fitness equipment is not only good for personal use but also for commercial fitness gym.