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Commercial Spinning Bike

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Heavy duty commercial Spin Bike. Suitable for gym centres and home use. Display screen is not included.

Using a Spinning bike is a great way to burn calories and relieve stress.

For example, a spinning workout of about 45 minutes could help you burn up to 500 calories. A spinning bike also helps you build muscle tone; since the workout targets your core muscles, buttocks, thighs, calves, as well as your abs.

Frequent use of the spinning bike helps increase your cardio endurance level, and yet it won't put much pressure on your kness and joints. Hence, with a spinning bike, there is a low risk of injury.

Meet this sturdy & rugged stationary spinning fitness bike for cardio exercise. It is essential for loosing weight and burning of calories.

Has magnetic flywheel. Max user weight is about 150kg and flywheel of 20kg. And the seat is adjustable.



Flywheel weight: 20kg
Size: 1120 x500x1120
Maximum user load: 150kg
Flat oval tube: 50mm*100mm
Pedal: shaft after tempering, quenching & wire to 18 mm, axial diameter: 25 mm
Package size: 1120*500*1120(L*W*H)

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