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Aerobic Step Board

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Exercising with an aerobic step board provides several benefits that can help you in other sports and in your daily life. Regular use will improve both cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Including both upper and lower body movements together will improve your coordination and agility, and the constant push up onto the step will increase the strength of your legs.

Aerobic stepping will improve your overall health. The intense cardiovascular workout will make your heart and lungs work more efficiently. The calorie burning aspect of the exercise will help you maintain a healthy weight, and avoid weight-related problems such as diabetes, heart disease and joint pain.

cc: livestrong (paraphrased)


Summary of benefits are:

It's fun to use and has low impact on your body.

Helps burn calories and aids weight loss.

Tones some muscles in the body.

Increases the flexibility of the body.

Improves body balance as well as endurance.

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