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Bench Press with 50KG Barbell Weight & Preacher Curl Pad

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Here is one of the most popular type of strength training exercise equipment: the Bench Press. Why is this type of equipment one of the fastest selling body-building equipment at Nassau Sports?

First off, it helps you build upper body strength. In the same vein, power, which is your ability to exert force or strength as fast as possible, is built up.

Furthermore, it improves your bone density because it causes your bone tissues in the arm, shoulder and chest bones.

In addition, it also works on your deltoids, triceps, hand flexors and abdominals.

Details of Bench:

  • 60mm Heavy duty steel construction frame
    Width of the upright support: 580mm
    Assembly size: 1920x1200x1280mm
    Max user body weight: 136kg
  • Max barbell load: 90kg
  • With 5F bar and 80lbs weights (Total; 40KG Barbell)
  • Preacher Curl Pad included

*Butterfly Arm Not Included

50KG Total Barbell Breakdown:

  • Black Rubber Plates: 36KG
  • Chrome Iron Plates: 10KG
  • Bar Rod: 4KG


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